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[sticky post] Something about me and my world!

Welcome to my world!!! ようこそ!!!!
My name is Giulia, I'm Italian Hyphen and Eighter ^___^
I'd like to post this "introduction post" about me, so I hope to meet many friends!

Name: Giulia (ジュリア)
Nickname: Tatachan
Profession: Educator (I'm not a school teacher, but I work with kids, I help them with homework, play together with them and so on)
Birthdate: 18-03-1991 (I'm 25 years old ^_^)
Star sign: Pisces (the same of Kame!!!!! ^////^  yeah, we are kinda alike in some aspects of behaviour)
Like: Japan is my dream, and I love music, in particoular J-Pop music ♥
        My favourite J-Pop groups are Kat-Tun (since 2011-2012) and Kanjani∞ (since 2016).
        My ichiban member among Kat-Tun is Uepi (♥♥♥) while my ichiban among Kajani∞ so far is Yasu (even if I love all of them ♥)
        My favourite animals are turtle and dog! Actually I have a turtle, Wendy! ^_^
Dislike: Many things! xD I don't like go out until late (in my free time I prefer stay at home), I don't like chaos, places with a lot of             people. I don't like dancing. I don't like too romantic love stories (anime, dorama and so on), but I love yaoi's stories! [yeah, I             am really contradictory ^_^;]

English is not my native language so I can make many mistakes, I'm sorry. I'm trying to study English and Japanese as autodidact, but it's really hard because I have little time and because I am very lazy girl -_-''

Well, as I said, I hope to meet a lot of friends with whom share a piece of my little world!! ^_^

Pleasure to meet you! ♥

よろしくお願いします 😄💋💜💛💚💙🎶


Quake in Abruzzo

Just a few words...
How many times did I say that I don't like my town, I don't like the place where I live? Many, many times. I've dreamt to live in other places, in other countries.
But now, after all of these events... This is my birth place, this is the place where I belong. It's not perfect, sometimes it's hard living here, there are many problems. But these people are my people, and I'm proud to belong to people who don't stop living, even with the snow, even with the earthquake. We can't stop living.
And only now I can say: I LOVE MY PLACE!!!

Pray for us, please.

Bye bye 2016...!

Hello guys! How are you doing?
It's been a while since my last post here in Livejournal!!!
Well, there are maaany reasons for this silence... First of all, my job takes me much time, and every day I go back home I am too tired (and often angry) to write something; then I'd have so many things to write so I prefer not to write anything ^_^''; and, I am too LAZY!
By the way, since I am at home in these days, I choose to post some random things here.
I'm not very good in English, so I'm sorry for the mistakes (and hope some of my great friends could read this post and tell me if there are mistakes so I can correct them!).
Well, it's 29/12/2016, this year is close to end and the new year is near. This 2016 has been full of surprises for me, some bad and some good. All the KAT-TUN's issue, the earthquake here in Italy, all the Isis's victims... but, thank God, this year gave me many nice gifts: I met new (and old) friends, I worked (and continue to work) hard, I restarted to play guitar after many years, I started to follow (and loving) this crazy group of crazy guys who give me a new smile every day, KANJANI∞! Thanks to this guys, I knew so many great friends! I love all of you, Eighters!!! And, most important gift of 2016... my lovely TOMMY!!!! He is LOVE!!!! I love him so much!!!!
So, I hope the New Year could give to all of us new gifts and much, much happiness.
Love y'all!
See you soon!!!

Terremoto in Italia - Earthquake in Italy

Hi guys, what's up!
Yesterday, at 3.36 am, in my country, near my town, there was a terrible earthquake...
I leave the link to the article, it describe what happened much better than me.
Luckily we are fine, I live near the sea so here we felt the shakes but there weren't damages, while in the epicenter many little and old town were destroyed and many people died...


Please, pray for the victims.

Sexy revenge

Author: Tatachan
Fandom: Kanjani8
Pairings: SubaRyo
Rating: Nc17
Length: one shot
Genre: OTP, shipper
Summary: What if Ryo becomes mad bacause of Subaru?

Thanks to uedanoyome for the corrections! ^^ ♥
[SEXY REVENGE]Subaru knows that a angry Ryo is one of the scariest things in the world. And this time Baru has really done it…

Ryo and Subaru had planned to watch a funny movie in the evening, but Ryo had other plans… everything was ready, Ryo bought food, beer and some scented candles, which he put in his bedroom [yeah, though it’s hard to believe, Ryo is a very romantic guy, at least with his beloved Subaru].
It’s 6 pm and Ryo is waiting for Subaru.
“Oh gosh! Why am I so nervous…?! Aaah!!! I can’t wait to see him!!! Come on Subaru!!”
Suddenly Ryo’s phone rings.
«Moshi moshi! Oh, Subaru!» Ryo’s beat started going faster.
« Ehi Ryo!! I just met Yasu and Ohkura at the konbini and, guess what, they would like to watch the same movie we have to watch and I thought that it would be nice if we watched the movie together, don’t you agree? What do you think if we invite them to our place?»
«Oh….well, do what you want…!»
«Great! Thank you so much Ryo~ we are arriving!!! Mata~»
Now, Ryo is mad… he was waiting for this day since a whole week and now… Subaru would regret the change of plan, this is sure.
«Tadaima! Ryo-chan!» [poor Subaru, you don’t know what you're up against!]
«Ah! Okaeri Subaru! Yo, Yasu, Ohkura! Welcome!»
«Hi Ryo-chan!» Yasu greets him back.
«Ryo…what are you doing?» Subaru is without words.
Ryo wears a towel on his hips, his chest is naked and his hair are half wet [in other words, he is very very very sexy!!!]
«What do you mean, Suba-chan? I was waiting for you… well, shall we watch the movie? Ah! I have prepared something to eat, I just…»
«Ryo-chan wait, I’ll help you»
«Yes, thank you, Ohkura!»
So, the movie starts.
Subaru is a bit embarrassed, he kinda dislikes the fact that other people besides him could see Ryo in that way.
Ryo is watching the movie, apparently unaware of Subaru’s glance. Actually he knows that Subaru is looking at him, but he is still mad at him, so the revenge continues….
Ryo takes an onigiri Ohkura had prepared and starts eating it… the problem is that his way of eat is a bit weird.
«Mmm, this is definitely yummy, Ohkura…» Ryo moans with pleasure.
«A…Arigatou…are you ok, Ryo-chan?» Ohkura looks at Yasu who shrugs.
Ryo continues to lick his fingers while Subaru is staring at him.
Suddenly Subaru realizes that he is hard: he runs in the bathroom… and Ryo sneers…
«What’s up here?» Yasu asks a bit worried.
«Relax honey…you haven’t realized yet? Ryo wanted to stay alone with his boyfriend…I guess we are the third wheel here, it’s better if we come back home…» Ohkura is really smart sometimes [xD]
«I’m sorry, guys. But, it’s just as Ohkura said…» Ryo admits.
«Ryo-chan, we are sorry. Well, it’s time to go home… See you later and…well, greet Shibuyan for us…»
«Subaru…you can come out now» Ryo leans on the bathroom’s door.
«Shut up, I need just a moment, you can continue the movie with Yasu and Ohkura!»
«Actually…They just left, Subaru…»
The door opens, Subaru is red and sweaty.
«You did it on purpose, didn’t you? If you had a problem, why in the hell didn’t you tell me earlier when I called you?»
«I was mad, and jealous… I wanted to spend some time only with you…I’m sorry…»
How can Subaru [and everyone] resist to the Ryo’s puppy face?
«You had to tell me earlier…»
«I know…now can I kiss you, please?»
«Uff! You are unfair!!»
Ryo kisses Subaru deeply, his tongue searches Subaru’s, while Subaru starts moaning in the kiss.
«Well, certainly I have a kind of power on you…look, you are so hard! And I have just eaten an onigiri!»
«Idiot!!! Shut up and take me to the bedroom!!!»
«Yes sir!!»
«Gosh! You are beautiful… you don’t even know how hard has it been to me waiting for you till now!»     
Ryo and Subaru are now on the bed, Ryo over Subaru, the towel still on his hips.
«Undress me…» Subaru asks Ryo.
«You too, do the same to me…»
Subaru pulls the towel away. «Ryo please hurry up!! I cannot resist anymore!»
So Ryo starts taking Subaru’s clothes off, and starts rubbing his hips against Subaru.
The room is filled up with moans.
Ryo, then, grabs Subaru’s crotch and starts rubbing it: Subaru immediately becomes wet and when he is near the peak, Ryo stops.
«May I…?»
«I love you»
«I love you too, Baru!»
Ryo prepares Subaru with his fingers, then slowly enters him.
«Aaahh~ This is amazing!!!»
«Ryo-chan this is amazing…»
«Do you feel good?»
«Yeah, now you can move!»
Ryo starts thrusting his length into him.
After a while, Subaru says: «Ryo…I’m coming!»
«Aaah~ Me too…»
Ryo and Subaru come together.
Then Ryo comes outside Subaru’s hole and lays belly up. Subaru places his head on Ryo’s shoulder.
«That was awesome!»
«I know right!»
«Ryo…what are all these candles?»
«Ah! I’ve bought them today…I wanted everything to be perfect for us…»
«Ryo, did I ruin everything?»
«Baka!! You didn’t ruin anything! Today has been perfect…we are together, and if you are by my side, everything is perfect»
«You are too romantic, Ryo!!!»
«But this is the truth! And you were jealous too, weren’t you?»
«You don’t like the fact that Ohkura and Yasu could see me all naked having only my towel on! »
«No way!»
«Ok, you are right! And what’s the problem? You are mine so I am the only one who can see Ryo-chan in such a sexy way!»
«I love you!»
«I love you too, Ryo-chan~»


Do You Agree-Kanjani∞

Here: https://mega.nz/#!cJwlhS7B

Mp3 from The Shounen Club Premium 15.06.16


A new family member!!!

Hello guys!!! What's up?!
I have a great news! A new member came into my family!

His name is Tommy, he is 3 months and he is an adorable little devil! ♥
He is like a little kid, so I have to take care of him! ^_^ This is why I have posted nothing in this period (I am very busy!!!)

BTW, I have listened the new K8 song, it's really suitable to this summer's atmosphere ^^
Plus, I have listened Kimi no Yume Boku no Yume [Kat-Tun] more and more times!!! I really like it!! ♥

Baki Baki!

I wanna share with you Baki Baki song from Chronicle 2016.06.04. I extract it from the ep, so it could be not the best quality, but here you are, enjoy!!
Key: !BvRav_WftRU3pnIu4BUvB3hGh3UaKPOiFue7d-qhDbo


Good evening minna-san!! How are you! Today is the celebration of Italian Republic, so I had a day off. And I tried to write my first Kanjani∞ fanfiction. It has been really hard because I have to write in english and I am sorry if there are mistakes - I am sure there are!!!-.
If some1 will read it, I wanna say THANK YOU! and please leave me a comment(in particular if you find writing errors)!

[YOU THINK TOO MUCH!]“Ne ne!!! How about an holiday all together??” Yasu asked when the manager said that Kanjani8 would had a week of break.
“It would be nice Yasu, but unfortunately I and Hina have already a plan, I’m sorry!!” Yoko replied looking at Hina that was sniggering at him.
“I’ve promised to mum that I would come to her these week!” complained Maru.
“But, ehi, the four of you can go, can’t you?!” Yoko said, after seeing Yasu’s face becoming sad.
“Mm… Ryo-chan and O-chan will come with us…?” Yasu made his best puppy face.
“It’s ok for me!” Ryo said. “Same for me! Let’s go to Hakone Ryokan!!!” Subaru suggested.

“Aah! Luckily Ryo will come with us! Otherwise Yasu and Ohkura would act lovey-dovey and it would be embarrassing for me!! Yokatta, Ryo!” Subaru was thinging these thing when his cellphone rang…
A message from Ryo.

Shall we go together to Hakone by my car?
Subaru was really happy, even if he himself didn’t know the reason of such a happiness. Well, they were friends so there’s nothing bad to be happy, isn’t there?
Ok for me!!!
So, next day, Ryo went to pick up Subaru.
During the trip, they talked a lot, about Kanjani8 and suddenly Subaru said:
“It’s funny, isn’t it?”
“Well, you usually don’t talk so much! So I’m glad we have some time to talk!”
“Is that so? So we need to find much more time for the two of us, don’t we?”
Subaru became red and felt his heartbeat going faster.
“Ryo! Stop saying such an embarrassing things!”
Ryo laughed and the trip continued with Subaru that looked out of the window, trying not to think about his heartbeat.
“Ne, Suba-chan…”
“You know, the first time I heard about Ohkura and Yasu I thought that they wouldn’t last for long…I mean, it has to be really hard for them! Think about it: your partner is a guy, an idol and your bandmate…! It’s a mix of job and private life, isn’t it?”
“Yasu and Ohkura haven’t this kind of problem, Ryo. Neither Yoko and Hina. Don’t take everything so seriously. See? Even if they are a couple, Yasu and Ohkura want us to come on holiday with them. We are a family, Ryo. And it’s absolutely right that they’ve become a couple since they love each other.”
“Maybe you’re right… look! They are very happy to see us! Maybe I should take a leaf from them…”
They were arrived to the hotel, where Yasu and Ohkura were waiting for them, both the guys were smiling and Yasu was greeting them with the hand.
“What do you mean?” Subaru asked to Ryo, and when he turned his head toward him, he felt Ryo’s lips kissing him: Ryo’s lips were super soft and the feeling that Subaru felt in that moment was absolutely fantastic. But suddenly Subaru bounced back, he shouted out:
“What are you doing?!?”
“I’m trying to follow my feelings without thinking about the consequences” Ryo murmured in Subaru’s ear.
Luckily it seemed like Yasu and Ohkura didn’t notice what it had just happened.
SO, Subaru and Ryo acted like nothing happened, but Subaru couldn't help but think about that kiss. Because Subaru liked that kiss, a lot.
“What are you thinking of?” Yasu asked to Subaru, and he jump scared.
They were having a shower before entering into the thermal bath. Ryo and Ohkura had already washed themselves and were in the thermal bath, playing like children (they only lacked rubber ducks).
“Do you wanna kill me, Yasu?!”
“I am a bit worried, you seems depressed… I thought you like Ryo…”
“What?????? Wait a moment…You have seen everything?! Seriously??! Even Ohkura??” Subaru was shouting.
“Relax, O-chan…!! We know everything, because Ryo told us! You know, Ryo likes you since much time, but, well, you know Ryo, he always thinks too much so he couldn’t find the way to tell you his feelings so far…”
“Yasu…I don’t know what to do…! Help me, please!”
“O-chan, you like Ryo, don’t you?!” Yasu knew Subaru deeply.
“I guess…yes…!”
“So just tell him the truth! Don’t be afraid O-chan, everything's gonna be alright!”

“Yasu, I am hungry~! Shall we go out to eat something?” Ohkura was complaining, his head on Yasu’s legs.
“Tacchon! You’ve finished dinner only a few minutes ago!” Yasu replied, but when Ohkura hit him, Yasu realized and said:
“Aaaah, I need to go out for a walk, Tacchon, shall we go?”
“Yup~ Ne, Subaru, Ryo-chan, please don’t kill yourselves while we are out! AH, and I think that we will be out for long, so take your time!! Bye~!” Tacchon and Yasu went out arm in arm.

“They’ve planned to leave us alone, I guess..” Ryo said with a little smile.
Subaru didn’t replay because he was too embarrassed, but he knew that he couldn’t help but accept his feelings…he liked Ryo and that was the right moment to say it.
“Look, Ryo… I have something to say to you…” Subaru started, but Ryo interrupted him.
“It’s ok, I’ve understood. No problem Subaru”
“Eh? What…?”
“You wanna tell me that you don’t like me, won’t you? I’m just saying that it’s alright for me, and, well, I am sorry for that kiss, I wouldn’t have to kiss you…”
“SHUT UP IDIOT!” Subaru began to cry out and some tears started to flow from his eyes.
Ryo opened his eyes wide and opened his mouth but he couldn’t say any words.
“I..I…” Subaru sobbed “I’m trying to tell you that…I like you! Damn I like you, Ryo!”
Ryo couldn’t believe to Subaru’s words. He neared to Subaru, took Subaru’s head in his hands and stared him.
“Say it again, please! Tell me that I’m not dreaming!!”
Ryo’s face was so close that Subaru couldn’t help kissing him, hoping that kiss could be enough satisfying.
Ryo opened the mouth and well, then it was heaven.
Subaru was trapped between Ryo and the wall, his hands touched Ryo’s body. Both the guys moaned and Subaru didn’t know how he and Ryo were able to reach the futon.

“Those two will be fine?” Tacchon was a bit worried.
But Yasu was smiling and, during the walk, he stopped and hugged Tacchon. Ohkura hugged Yasu too and softly said him: “I am glad we are here…I love you so much, Shota…”
“Me too, Tacchon!!!” Yasu stood up on his tips and kissed Tacchon.

When Yasu and Ohkura came back at the hotel, they found the door locked.
“EEEhhhhh!!! No way!!!!!!!!!!!!! Open the door!!! Ehiiiiiii!!! O-chan!!!!!”
“I knew!!! Do you understand, Shota? This is the consequence to be too gentle!!! Uff!!!”

Ogni tanto l'italiano ci sta!!! xD

Ehi!!!! Come va?
Ok, questo dovrebbe essere il mio primo post in italiano! Purtroppo su LJ conosco pochissime persone italiane, quindi cerco si scrivere in inglese, anche perchè la maggior parte dei miei topic sono relativi al Giappone, ai Kat-Tun o ai Kanjani, e con le Hyphens e le Eighters comunico prevalentemente in inglese.
Però oggi mi ha preso così!!! xD
In realtà tutto nasce dal fatto che sono ormai tanti mesi (ma proprio tanti!) che non scrivo più fanfiction... non che io sia una scrittrice, per carità! Semplicemente mi diletto, di tanto in tanto, nello scrivere delle storie sulle mie OTP preferite. In realtà finora tutte le mie ff hanno come protagonisti i Kat-Tun, la mia OTP preferita  è la MaruDa, anche se ho scritto qualcosa sulla JunDa. Però, recentemente, il mio rapporto con i Kat-Tun è un tantino complicato e contraddittorio... in un precedente post ho cercato di descrivere un po' il mio stato d'animo, anche se non è affatto facile. Ad ogni modo, al momento diciamo che ho preso una pausa dai Kat-Tun, ovviamente una pausa momentanea, in attesa di poterli presto rivedere in azione!
Nel frattempo mi tengo impegnata con i Kanjani *occhi a forma di cuore* e, chiaramente, ho già scovato la mia OTP preferita! OhYassu!!! Mamma mia, mi piacciono troppo insieme! Ohkura e Yasuda sono per me l'OTP per antonomasia!!! E, ultimamente, mi sta piacendo assai anche la SUbaRyo ^_^
Ovviamente -sì, sono sarcastica- non esistono molte ff su queste due OTP, e, tra quelle che ho trovato, le trame non mi hanno particolarmente entusiasmata. Mettiamoci pure che le OhYassu ff sono quasi tutte in inglese, e io, personificazione della pigrizia, spesso mi spazientisco se non riesco subito a capire il significato delle frasi, per cui poi mollo a metà.
Pertanto ho pensato che magari potrei scrivere qualche ff!
Però l'idea di dover scrivere una storia tutta in inglese mi spaventa un po' ^^" Sono talmente presa dal lavoro che non ho il tempo di studiare per cui potrei scrivere molte cavolate!!!!! U__U
Ma ci proverò lo stesso xD ^_^v

Mettiamoci al lavoro!!! *scappa a cercare ispirazione*

A presto!!!~