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Sexy revenge

Author: Tatachan
Fandom: Kanjani8
Pairings: SubaRyo
Rating: Nc17
Length: one shot
Genre: OTP, shipper
Summary: What if Ryo becomes mad bacause of Subaru?

Thanks to uedanoyome for the corrections! ^^ ♥
[SEXY REVENGE]Subaru knows that a angry Ryo is one of the scariest things in the world. And this time Baru has really done it…

Ryo and Subaru had planned to watch a funny movie in the evening, but Ryo had other plans… everything was ready, Ryo bought food, beer and some scented candles, which he put in his bedroom [yeah, though it’s hard to believe, Ryo is a very romantic guy, at least with his beloved Subaru].
It’s 6 pm and Ryo is waiting for Subaru.
“Oh gosh! Why am I so nervous…?! Aaah!!! I can’t wait to see him!!! Come on Subaru!!”
Suddenly Ryo’s phone rings.
«Moshi moshi! Oh, Subaru!» Ryo’s beat started going faster.
« Ehi Ryo!! I just met Yasu and Ohkura at the konbini and, guess what, they would like to watch the same movie we have to watch and I thought that it would be nice if we watched the movie together, don’t you agree? What do you think if we invite them to our place?»
«Oh….well, do what you want…!»
«Great! Thank you so much Ryo~ we are arriving!!! Mata~»
Now, Ryo is mad… he was waiting for this day since a whole week and now… Subaru would regret the change of plan, this is sure.
«Tadaima! Ryo-chan!» [poor Subaru, you don’t know what you're up against!]
«Ah! Okaeri Subaru! Yo, Yasu, Ohkura! Welcome!»
«Hi Ryo-chan!» Yasu greets him back.
«Ryo…what are you doing?» Subaru is without words.
Ryo wears a towel on his hips, his chest is naked and his hair are half wet [in other words, he is very very very sexy!!!]
«What do you mean, Suba-chan? I was waiting for you… well, shall we watch the movie? Ah! I have prepared something to eat, I just…»
«Ryo-chan wait, I’ll help you»
«Yes, thank you, Ohkura!»
So, the movie starts.
Subaru is a bit embarrassed, he kinda dislikes the fact that other people besides him could see Ryo in that way.
Ryo is watching the movie, apparently unaware of Subaru’s glance. Actually he knows that Subaru is looking at him, but he is still mad at him, so the revenge continues….
Ryo takes an onigiri Ohkura had prepared and starts eating it… the problem is that his way of eat is a bit weird.
«Mmm, this is definitely yummy, Ohkura…» Ryo moans with pleasure.
«A…Arigatou…are you ok, Ryo-chan?» Ohkura looks at Yasu who shrugs.
Ryo continues to lick his fingers while Subaru is staring at him.
Suddenly Subaru realizes that he is hard: he runs in the bathroom… and Ryo sneers…
«What’s up here?» Yasu asks a bit worried.
«Relax honey…you haven’t realized yet? Ryo wanted to stay alone with his boyfriend…I guess we are the third wheel here, it’s better if we come back home…» Ohkura is really smart sometimes [xD]
«I’m sorry, guys. But, it’s just as Ohkura said…» Ryo admits.
«Ryo-chan, we are sorry. Well, it’s time to go home… See you later and…well, greet Shibuyan for us…»
«Subaru…you can come out now» Ryo leans on the bathroom’s door.
«Shut up, I need just a moment, you can continue the movie with Yasu and Ohkura!»
«Actually…They just left, Subaru…»
The door opens, Subaru is red and sweaty.
«You did it on purpose, didn’t you? If you had a problem, why in the hell didn’t you tell me earlier when I called you?»
«I was mad, and jealous… I wanted to spend some time only with you…I’m sorry…»
How can Subaru [and everyone] resist to the Ryo’s puppy face?
«You had to tell me earlier…»
«I know…now can I kiss you, please?»
«Uff! You are unfair!!»
Ryo kisses Subaru deeply, his tongue searches Subaru’s, while Subaru starts moaning in the kiss.
«Well, certainly I have a kind of power on you…look, you are so hard! And I have just eaten an onigiri!»
«Idiot!!! Shut up and take me to the bedroom!!!»
«Yes sir!!»
«Gosh! You are beautiful… you don’t even know how hard has it been to me waiting for you till now!»     
Ryo and Subaru are now on the bed, Ryo over Subaru, the towel still on his hips.
«Undress me…» Subaru asks Ryo.
«You too, do the same to me…»
Subaru pulls the towel away. «Ryo please hurry up!! I cannot resist anymore!»
So Ryo starts taking Subaru’s clothes off, and starts rubbing his hips against Subaru.
The room is filled up with moans.
Ryo, then, grabs Subaru’s crotch and starts rubbing it: Subaru immediately becomes wet and when he is near the peak, Ryo stops.
«May I…?»
«I love you»
«I love you too, Baru!»
Ryo prepares Subaru with his fingers, then slowly enters him.
«Aaahh~ This is amazing!!!»
«Ryo-chan this is amazing…»
«Do you feel good?»
«Yeah, now you can move!»
Ryo starts thrusting his length into him.
After a while, Subaru says: «Ryo…I’m coming!»
«Aaah~ Me too…»
Ryo and Subaru come together.
Then Ryo comes outside Subaru’s hole and lays belly up. Subaru places his head on Ryo’s shoulder.
«That was awesome!»
«I know right!»
«Ryo…what are all these candles?»
«Ah! I’ve bought them today…I wanted everything to be perfect for us…»
«Ryo, did I ruin everything?»
«Baka!! You didn’t ruin anything! Today has been perfect…we are together, and if you are by my side, everything is perfect»
«You are too romantic, Ryo!!!»
«But this is the truth! And you were jealous too, weren’t you?»
«You don’t like the fact that Ohkura and Yasu could see me all naked having only my towel on! »
«No way!»
«Ok, you are right! And what’s the problem? You are mine so I am the only one who can see Ryo-chan in such a sexy way!»
«I love you!»
«I love you too, Ryo-chan~»

Tags: fanfiction, subaryo

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