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Good morning!
Today I wanna write this post about GR8EST, since I watched it last night, and I loved it so so so much!!!!
I made some screenshoots too, so if you haven't watched the conc and you don't want any spoiler, I will hide them! xD
I am going to write about MY FEELINGS, MY OWN POINT OF VIEW, MY THOUGHTS. Plus, since I don't undersand Japanese (just a few words), I could have misunderstood something, so please be patient at me. 😅😖🙇‍♀️

[My impressions about GR8EST]First of all, I decided to watch the conc after reading many comment on Twitter, someone has also translate some parts, so I became very curious. I has already watched an Eito performance after Subaru's leaving, so I was already sure that our great Eito would have done a good job. But, after watching the conc, I am in love with Eito again!
I always prefer musical performances more than dancing performance and this time, maybe cus Yasu wasn't fine (I actually don't know what was his problem, I think he went to the hospital too, but I'm not sure of it, I just know that he couldn't dance or tired, indeed during the conc he went away for a bit to have rest), so I enjoyed Eito playing instruments: they are really good, and everytime I saw Yasu with his guitar I had an heart attack!

Here is the list of the songs:
ITTA JA NAI KA 言ったじゃないか          
NAGURI GAKI BEAT なぐりガキBEAT          
KOKORO SORA MOYOU ココロ空モヨウ          
ZUKKOKE OTOKO DOU ズッコケ男道        
MUSEKININ HERO 無責任ヒーロー       
LIFE -ME NO MAE NO MUKOU HE- LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~        
OMOIDAMA オモイダマ        
KURA TIK EIZOU Kura Tik映像          
GA MUSHA RA KOUSHINKYOKU がむしゃら行進曲          
WATASHI KYOU わたし鏡         
PAN PA N DA パンぱんだ
HIBIKI ひびき        
NAMIDA NO KOTAE 涙の答え        
KING OF OTOKO! キング オブ !        
TSUMI TO NATSU 罪と夏        
MAEMUKI SU CREAM! 前向きスクリーム!        
OSAKA ROMANESQUE 大阪ロマネスク        
PA NO RAMA パノラマ -ENCORE-        
A OPPA NA あおっぱな -ENCORE-        


Listening Eito sing, I thought: "Wow, they are such a good singer even without Shibuyan! Yokatta!".
Maru's voice surprised me a lot, I guess that now they have the opportunity to express their voice skills more than before, while Ryo seemed to have not enough voice (maybe he scream a lot during the previous exhibitions?). Yoko and Hina are always like the Dad and the Mommy of the group: Hina went next to Yasu different times, maybe to check that he was all right, I don't know, but I like to think it. Tacchon, well he is amazing: while I was seeing him playing the drums, I realized that he has a big neck and big shoulders, and I just wanted to be hugged by him so much! 🤣🤣😍😋
Maru is a great mood maker! I loved him during the "break time", when he made many jokes that I didn't understand (of course!) but he made the others laughing so much that I simply thought: "Ah, Maru, thank you!" 😊
I had a weird impression sometimes, like if the members were worried, so thanks to Maru they could be a bit relaxed: good job Maru-chan!👏👏👏
I enjoyed the single/pairing parts as well! Pan panda is one of my favourite: Yoko was so cuteeeeee 🐼, and also Torn was great; I laughed a lot during Love&King, when Ryo and Tacchon came out xD That was much funny!
I didn't understand the "Rulet Game", but I had much funny when Ryo did the impression of Ikko-san!  🤣🤣🤣 And Maru enjoyed the joke as well!
Then there was the part that always scared me, the member's speech. I still remember Subaru's speech after 元気が出るLIVE!! when Ohkura wasn't there and so he cried during his speech, saying "Gomen ne!" many times. Now that Shibuyan isn't here, I was scared: "Are they going to cry?" I thought, but luckily everyone talked without tears. My favourite part was when Ohkura said "YOKATTA!" with a big sigh. There I realized how much all members have been worried for everything, but thank God everything has been good, so they finally could relax. I think that after the last conc Eito realized that Eighters are always with them, even though sometimes there are bad moments, even if there are troubles, Eighters always support Eito, so it's ok.
I felt guilty when I realized it: after Subaru's stuff, I got more distant from Eito. I still shared Chronicle episodes, but I didn't followed them like before, cus I thought "I can't enjoy them now, I just think about Subaru's leaving, I can't focus on them". I was worried for Yasu and for Ryo too. But I think that my behaviour was wrong. I should had supported them even in those moments, but I wasn't able to do it. Gomen ne Eito! Unfortunately I can't change the past, but I can say this: I'll try to be more positive, and from now on, I'll support you motto motto!!!!!!
Eito tought me the importance of smiling, even when things are not going well, they tought me to be strong. So, as an Eighter, I wanna do my best to support my precious Eito! 🖤💙💚🧡💛💜
So, here you are some screenshoots... they aren't very good, I know, but I had to edit original files cus they are too big 😅
Big THANKS to hitorik for sharing GR8EST!

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